We are interested in the field of endowments, funds or endowment entities.In this regard, we offer services in accordance with a vision based on the Shari’a principles of Waqf in flexible and modern formulas that contribute to the survival, development, development and realization of what has been stopped for it, and aims to achieve the maximum possible benefit from the endowment.

Our services in this area include:

  •  – Drafting, documenting, documenting, and terminating endowments documents.
  • – Establishing endowment companies and completing their statutory requirements.

– Supervising the implementation of the conditions of the waqfs with respect to investment income and banks.

– Studying the legal aspects of the commercial transactions of the Waqf entity and drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements.

– Represent the project legally and legally and cover the legal and legal aspect in the relationship of the company and endowment with others.

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