The geographical and economic location of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia makes it an ideal location for receiving investments from around the world in the West and East, including the utilization of infrastructure projects implemented by the Kingdom in particular the Gulf States in general. Therefore, Hassan Ali Akbar Law Firm has extensive experience in providing legal services to foreign companies seeking to invest in Saudi Arabia. We also support Saudi companies that receive investments from their allies outside Saudi Arabia. We support our clients at every stage of project implementation and we support them during the investment period in an integrated manner.
Our services in this area include:
– Legal advice in the structure of investment and mechanisms to enter the Saudi market
– Review and preparation of legal contracts
– Support in negotiation
– Examination and preparation of reports of deprivation of ignorance and jealousy (due diligence reports).
– Establishment of foreign investment entities
– Prepare and discuss documents for the formation of foreign legal entities, including partnership contracts and conditions, shareholder agreements and technical licensing agreements.
– Continuous legal advice to foreign investment entities

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